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Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery
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 by Samantha Myers

Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery is the best breeder I’ve ever dealt with. Always posting videos, sending photos, and being super responsive to messages. The kittens come from a clean and caring home. They’re oh so sweet, and I couldn’t have chosen a better place to get my girl from. You can tell they really care about their kittens and cats even after they’ve gone home with you.

 by Gertz Shifflett

I can't say enough wonderful things about this breeder. I have two cats from her now. Not only are they outstandingly beautiful, but their temperaments are just as impressive. They are very confident, sweet, and loveable cats. It's very hard to find a GOOD Scottish fold breeder. I learned that the hard way myself. But this cattery had no problems answering all of my questions up front, showing me proof of health testing, and you can tell they take great pride in their program. Their breeding cats are beautiful and very well cared for. Also, seeing these kittens grow is really important to me. In my opinion, watching them being properly socialized and given top-notch care is very important. Many breeders don't do this. If you are looking for a Scottish fold or straight breeder that truly cares about what they produce and making sure their kittens go to top-notch homes, look no further!

 by Jennifer


 by Alexa

I just picked up my kitten yesterday, and I am having the best time bonding with him! In the summer, I reached out to the Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery and asked if they had any available. She responded quickly and happened to have one available.  I felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole process. She made it easy and was flexible with payment methods, updates, and pick-up dates. I felt so relaxed talking with her and genuinely loved her as a person! She made me feel included with updates from the start. I got to see him grow even though I wasn’t physically there. I loved receiving texts and pictures from her frequently, which I was so grateful for. I’m so happy with my new kitten, Leo! He is so chill, playful, sweet, and just perfect💚!

 by Lacey Mitcheal

Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery is a wonderful Cattery! August is very confident, friendly, and loves to cuddle. This is all due to the excellent breeding and socialization he received. Scottish Fold Cattery also did a wonderful job communicating as well as providing pictures and videos. I would definitely recommend and go back to this Cattery.

 by Patricia zechnik

Just wanted to thank you again for Raffy! I really cannot get over him. 🥰 He is so loving and perfect, and I think his nature can be 10000% attributed to how you raise your kittens in the first weeks. I am so impressed by how he is good with kids. 🐈💕My girls are so in love with him. He was seriously worth the wait of finding my perfect Scottish kitten. We can’t thank you enough for a lifetime of happiness. Btw, everywhere we go Raffy seems to catch someone’s eye and they tell us how beautiful he is. 💕


 by Jack Shang

Very respectful and patient, that was the first time we’ve ever gotten a kitty the breeder patiently spent 3 hours with us introducing what we should be aware of when taking care of the cat. They recommended litter, food, snacks, and other things to worry about like tapeworms and fleas. The kitty we got was four months old and very healthy, got used to my house in only three days, and now he will sleep on my bed rolling on the groin next to my feet and all kinds of cute things 😃

 by Hiep Dong Pittman

I got my little boy more than a month ago. He’s super cute and playful. I was a little bit worried about his health since there are a few bad reviews for this Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery but after talking to them I decided to give Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery a chance and ended up getting my cat from Cattery. Cat is totally healthy if you can take care of them correctly. Plus, They are very nice and patient. I asked a bunch of questions about the cat and also the bad reviews and she was patient enough to answer me all. She does delivery but I chose to come to her cattery to pick up my boy as well as to see his place. It’s a very clean and nice cattery with not so many cats put in together which is a good sign for me. They isolate adult cats and kittens actually. I would recommend if you live close by LA, come and see the cat first if you are not sure.

 by Karen Beth

Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery gave me the best friend a girl could ever ask for. Ellie, a Scottish fold, is the absolute light of my life. She’s the kindest, gentlest, most affectionate, and most playful cat I’ve ever known-not, to mention beautiful! I’m not biased! Everyone who sees her agrees. She bonded with me immediately and is such a great companion- tapping me on my shoulder when I’m on the couch or sitting under my chair when I’m at work- she’s never a foot away from me. I’m so grateful to Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery for clearly investing the time and energy necessary to make her the fantastic pet she is now. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to have another kitten because she’s really one of a kind- but I would without hesitation recommend Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery and would also add her temperament is a product of good genes and breed, something you can only get from a breeder.

 by Patrick Balilung

I was originally going to pick up one kitty from Scottish Fold Kittens Cattery and somehow I went home with two! Only now do I realize that this was the best decision I've ever made since both Zumi and Choco are basically inseparable. The kittens are healthy, active, and extremely adorable!
Lan has been so helpful every step of the way and whenever I have a question regarding the two of them it's nearly an immediate response. She's very informative and caring; and will check up with you to make sure the kittens are doing great!

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