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Scottish Fold Kitten Cattery
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 by Gertz Shifflett

I can't say enough wonderful things about this breeder. I have two cats from her now. Not only are they outstandingly beautiful, but their temperaments are just as impressive. They are very confident, sweet, and loveable cats. It's very hard to find a GOOD Scottish fold breeder. I learned that the hard way myself. But this cattery had no problems answering all of my questions up front, showing me proof of health testing, and you can tell they take great pride in their program. Their breeding cats are beautiful and very well cared for. Also, seeing these kittens grow is really important to me. In my opinion, watching them being properly socialized and given top-notch care is very important. Many breeders don't do this. If you are looking for a Scottish fold or straight breeder that truly cares about what they produce and making sure their kittens go to top-notch homes, look no further!

 by Tara Tibbet

From my experience at the beginning of February with Liza, she was extremely nice and easy to work with. She made me feel pretty reassured (my first kitten purchase) as well as my clumsy financials through PayPal and was willing to let me leave the kitten with her while we gathered everything together.
I went there with my friend to take a look at the kittens and was surprised that they were apartment based. Thankfully our kitten is extremely healthy and full of energy. She’s social, sweet and loves her chicken liver treats from time to time. Liza explained to us they were their favorite. Liza’s mother was very sweet, she only spoke Russian which thankfully my boyfriend did. He told me she gave us a lot of advice prior to bringing her home as well as some litter since ours didn’t ship yet. Also Russian stomach medicine which is harmless to the cats but has a bitter taste to deter them from chewing on furniture. It seemed that they really care about their kittens by the way they handled her. The only thing that threw me off was the “litter” size and amount of folded ears in the batch. Typically only a few are folded not all but it could be that they were from separate litters. Liza was diligent to provide me all their medical information. The kitten was up to date with her shots. We got her at 12/13 weeks old. She’s healthy and I couldn’t be happier. Liza also provided me with their cellular so I can text with any questions or concerns. I appreciated that when I wanted to ask the vet questions about my cats medical history. Many thanks again!

 by Madi Urban

I got a kitten from here two weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier! The customer service was great and they had a very nice selection of Scottish kittens. I highly recommend choosing a kitten from this breeder!

 by Michelle Jimenez

So happy with my new kitten! I have a Scottish straight at home and figured she needed a new friend, so I came across this website. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a Scottish fold! Best decision I’ve made!


 by Kristen Pagliuca Signore

The customer service is outstanding! They are very diligent and walk you through each and every step of the process; they are extremely knowledgeable and can give you detailed answers to any related questions. They will also stay in touch with you in the future. You will have a great variety to choose from! It is the best experience I’ve had & you can tell they love their kitties, too!

 by Jonathan Freud Tolkien

The kittens are very cute! The children are happy:) Thank u, guys!

 by Nicole Brockriede

I am so happy with the kitten I got from you. He is the coolest cat. He is so sweet and has the best personality.




 by Jocelle Sebastian Max

Meet Luck ? Our precious little fur baby!

Scottish Fold Cattery has been very responsive to all my questions about Luck. They are easy to work with and make themselves available for any questions or concerns. They go above and beyond in giving information when needed.

We love our little boy so much and would possibly get more kittens from her in the future.

 by Char Chatfield

Excellent breeder with beautiful cats. We are very happy with our new kitten.

 by Patrick Balilung

I was originally going to pick up one kitty from Scottish Fold Cattery and somehow I went home with two! Only now do I realize that this was the best decision I've ever made since both Zumi and Choco are basically inseparable. The kittens are healthy, active, and extremely adorable!
Lan has been so helpful every step of the way and whenever I have a question regarding the two of them it's nearly an immediate response. She's very informative and caring; and will check up with you to make sure the kittens are doing great!

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